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Ultra Tough Solid Vacuum Pumps

Pumping The Un-Pumpable

SUPAVAC® are world leaders in air operated ultra tough vacuum pumps for solids control, recovery and transfer. A patented product range designed and manufactured in Australia to recognised global quality standards. The preferred industry solution, with over 30 years infield operational experience.

Pneumatic Valves
& Ancillary Controls

Airmation® is a leading range of pneumatic cylinders and valves designed and manufactured in Australia since 1958. Having stood the test of time, Airmation are well known for their heavy duty brass range of pneumatic valves designed specifically for mining applications.

Process & Industrial
Pneumatic Controls

Air Automation Group are proud to be the exclusive distribution partner for Pneumax suite of products for Australia. Offering a comprehensive range of industrial and process automation solutions, Pneumax will have a product to suit all of your application needs. Locally held stock allows us to respond to your requirements without lead time delays.

Industrial & Commercial
Air Quality Solutions

Smoghog® is a global leading range of ESP air cleaning systems for Industrial solutions & Commercial kitchen applications. At Air Automation Group, we take great pride in presenting SmogHog, the premier solution for effective air quality control. In a world where clean air is more critical than ever, SmogHog rises above as the ultimate answer to your industrial air purification needs.

Industrial & Commercial
Air Quality Solutions

Dusthog® is a global leading range of dust collection and filtration systems for intermittent & heavy-duty industrial applications. At Air Automation Group, we are proud to introduce DustHog, your premier ally in the battle against airborne dust and particulate matter. In today’s industrial landscape, air quality and the well-being of your workforce have never been more critical, and DustHog stands as the ultimate answer to your dust control needs.

Industrial & Commercial
Air Quality Solutions

Smokeeter® is the number one commercial air cleaner, specifically designed for tobacco smoke removal in indoor environments. Air Automation Group is delighted to introduce Smokeeter, your ultimate ally in achieving clean and breathable indoor air. In an era where air quality and occupant health are paramount, Smokeeter takes centre stage as the ultimate answer to your smoke and odour control needs.

State of the Art Asset Condition Monitoring System

PATRONUSX provides complete protection of assets using online web-based monitoring of onsite sensors. Asset protection is enhanced with programmable alarm points that provide early warning of potential asset danger or failure via text message or email. You can access your data and settings 24 hours a day, seven days a week, simply by logging into your web portal by PC, Phone, or Tablet.

Why Choose Us

We have the team, the product range, extensive engineering design capabilities, in-house OEM manufacturing, years of knowledge and application experience. We are passionate about Australian manufacturing and supporting industry.

We have been doing this for over 65 years, you can depend on us.

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